HITIONS little Q

The best gift camera for my little Q

At the Dragon Boat Festival, our family went to Beijing. Before I set off, I prepared a travel surprise for Xiao Q. This surprise has been prepared for a long time, and it will take a long time to start talking about half a year ago. Xiao Q is a very assertive child who likes to […]

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LCD writing board using testimonials

I have been paying close attention to LCD drawing boards. The most famous one is Boogie Boad in the United States. This is also the world’s first commercial lcd tablet that has been successfully mass-produced. To put it simply, the principle of the liquid crystal tablet is to use the characteristics of the bistable liquid crystal. […]

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fluorescent sketchpad VS LCD writting board

Tik Tok (in Chinese DouYin, means make you thrill, can’t help trembling), it is very popular around Asia. You can google for  Tik Tok, download English version. People find amusement in less than 10 seconds; most important people buy things find creative things in it. I like it too. Last week, one friend show me a […]

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thinking why

Why trading company?

What’s the advantage of trading company? A wide variety of products, the cost will be reduced How to reduce the cost? Generally, a trading company can either sell a lot of branded products or sell a lot of products, which can be widely selected by customers. For example, a foreigner customer said to me, “It is […]

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M811080P home theater office multimedia player

How to identify real Lumens and real resolution of a projector

The core parameters of the projection are brightness (lumens) and resolution, the higher the brightness and the resolution The higher the cost, the more expensive it will be. Of course, the better the viewing experience will be! Most of the fees are purchased for the first time, and they are blinded by various product promotions. Some […]

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Are you thinking like this?

When selecting a New supplier… I attended a club in ZhongShan last week. A British man who has been purchasing from China for 20 years made an interesting report. Sadi is handsome, but I think his content is more handsome. Please find the following tips about how to evaluate a new Chinese supplier: Supplier Type Factory(sometimes […]

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