When selecting a New supplier…

I attended a club in ZhongShan last week. A British man who has been purchasing from China for 20 years made an interesting report.

Sadi is handsome, but I think his content is more handsome. Please find the following tips about how to evaluate a new Chinese supplier:

  1. Supplier Type

Factory(sometimes we say manufacturer), Trading Company, Sourcing Agent, Freight Forwarder & QC

Some times you can not identify whether it is a factory or not from website, if you are working with trading company, usually they can help make inspection for free.  Hitions  can support free as well.  Alternatively, hire a Chinese staff to make a factory inspection or fly to inspect factory by yourself if  it is convenient for a business trip.

2. Credibility & Reputation, Age, Specialist

3. Honesty and Integrit: Offer advice and think on customer’s view not always keeping eyes on your money.

4. Reasonable Price: Please be careful, if the price is too low or too high, if price is 20% higher than normal, please think it over. If the price is too low than markets, maybe the                     supplier is going in cheap and find ways to cutcorners to recover margins, this will end issues at the QC stage.

5. High Quality

6. Good Communication

Responding quickly and sending out quotation and samples quickly, polite follow-up video calls not EMAIL SPAMMING.

Besides, please notice if the supplier has a high staff turnovers where buyes can not always maintain communication with the same sales.

7. Ease of Doing Business: payment terms, factory inspection, mixed orders, flexible ways to deal with urgent orders.

8. Quality Certifications (ISO, CE, ROHS,FCC, REACH etc.)

9. Familiarity with the Export Market and Economic Situation

What do you think when selecting a supplier?

Welcome comments and any other ideas to add!

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