How to identify real Lumens and real resolution of a projector

The core parameters of the projection are brightness (lumens) and resolution, the higher the brightness and the resolution

The higher the cost, the more expensive it will be. Of course, the better the viewing experience will be!

Most of the fees are purchased for the first time, and they are blinded by various product promotions.

Some of the veterans who have specialized in the projection industry for many years, or who have bought a few projections only for themselves

According to the merchant description and the product, it is difficult to confirm its true core data! Unless you see it with your own eyes,

Otherwise, you can only rely on luck to buy a smart projector! Because at least 60% of the merchants in the projector industry will mark fake lumens.

First: I will show you how to distinguish the true lumen of the projector

Regardless of how the product description is advertised, look directly at the product power consumption in the parameters! All DLP projections (Note it is just DLP)

The LCD class will be explained below, the power consumption of the optical machine 1 watt = 13 lumens

(ANSL); the power consumption of a general optical machine accounts for about one-third of the machine, for example, the power consumption of the whole machine is

10W, that is about 3W, which is equal to 3X13=39 lumens, and so on.

Look at the screen size used, 2 inch screen brightness is between 10- 20 ANSL, 4 inch screen 720P has two kinds (a kind of 200

Lumen, a 60 lumens) 5-6.2 inch screen lumens between 180-220ANSL; Due to the different utilization rate of the light source rate of each manufacturer, it is recommended to refer to the input power of the product to judge the actual brightness, the higher the voltage, the brighter.

Note: All of the above are international common units ANSL lumens

Second: How to distinguish the true resolution of home projector

Many merchants write titles that support 1080P, HD, 4K resolution, and this is the same as the eunuch to go to whorehouse, he can go to the whorehouse, but there is no use of eggs, you cannot enjoy the blessings. Therefore, you must ask the merchants, what is the resolution of the machine output, and not

It is very important to support what resolution input!

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