Why trading company?

What’s the advantage of trading company?

  1. A wide variety of products, the cost will be reduced

How to reduce the cost? Generally, a trading company can either sell a lot of branded products or sell a lot of products, which can be widely selected by customers.

For example, a foreigner customer said to me, “It is really troublesome to buy some products at your factory. There is no cute animal feature lcd writing board. There is waterproof type kids camera, only a plain version. I ran you here, but also going to other homes to buy another, the final loading cannot be loaded together. Come to China to check the goods and find new products, the time is very important, but also specially come to your company to spend a day, we are brother so I give you order”. Most factories do not have many categories, and many customers find troubles when they go to foreign trade companies.

Although the price of direct purchase from the factory will be low, a customer often needs multiple products, and sometimes it is difficult to get it from one factory. In order to meet his own needs, he must have enough manpower to deal with different factories, which actually increases his labor costs and offsets the benefits from low-cost purchases, which are very common in daily necessities and department stores.

  1. In stock, fast delivery, less order quantity

The factory produces goods with a minimum order quantity. Trading companies usually have their own warehouses to slowly digest these stocks after they get the goods from the factory. Some small customers or retailers are generally small and complex. Generally, factories have quantitative requirements. If they do not meet the MOQ, the extra cost is not cheap, so they are more willing to cooperate with traders.

We often encounter situations where the order quantity is not available. Finding a factory usually schedules production after you place an order. It takes a long time and often delays delivery for small sample orders. Let customers have a headache, they sometimes ignore the price to buy with trading companies, although the price is higher, but I don’t have to wait, time is also an important asset for them.

  1. Focus on service

We all know that price is not the deciding factor of the order. Many good trading companies do it because of good service and credibility. A trading company is actually a bridge between a customer and a factory. An excellent trading company can handle the relationship between the factory and the customer.

For example, the customer needs 5,000 sets of lcd writting boards each time, and requires 5 days to deliver, and the factory orders production takes at least 10 days. Many foreign trade companies do this. For the products that old customers often produce, they often arrange the factory to do 2000 sets lcd writing tablet in advance, and then arrange the remaining 3000 writting pads after the customer orders. They will skillfully handle the relationship between the factory and the customer, and sometimes there will be inevitable losses, as long as they do not care about gains and losses, they will get bigger and bigger.

Most of the factories are quick and quick, and the first reaction to the customer is that you have an order? What quantity? A small amount of no mind has spent too much energy. However, this kind of consideration only depends on the income, and is unwilling to pay, and will miss the big customers.

Trading companies are different, they can take a customer to look at the factory one by one, and sometimes turn around several cities.

  1. Strong resilience and reduced customer risk

We all know that factories generally produce certain products in a specific way. Sometimes quality control is to be adjusted by themselves, and it is not always possible to meet customer requirements.

Trade companies sometimes only need to change their factories, they are more flexible, and the problems of the factory will not affect the trading company’s business. Another point, because the trading company is an independent individual, many customers like to find a trading company as a long-term cooperation, let them help to contact the factory production, equivalent to a customer’s office in China. Such a relationship is also a model for the long-term development of trading companies.

For you, you need a stable supply channel. After all, you are not a direct consumer, so needs to be able to purchase at any time to ensure normal supply (to the customer’s next home). If you purchases directly from the factory, once there is a problem with the factory, you are faced with the problem of how to find a replacement. It is not easy and time to find a substitute. This is the disconnection of the overall supply chain, and through the foreign trade. The company’s procurement must be more stable.28cm 37cm drift racing carhigh speed 4WD rc car

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