fluorescent sketchpad VS LCD writting board

Tik Tok (in Chinese DouYin, means make you thrill, can’t help trembling), it is very popular around Asia. You can google for  Tik Tok, download English version. People find amusement in less than 10 seconds; most important people buy things find creative things in it. I like it too.

Last week, one friend show me a screen shot made in TikTok,




“Do you have this drawing board? ”

“No, we have lcd writing board”

“they are different? ”

“Yes, the one you showed us is lighting drawing board(fluorescent sketchpad), it is lighting because of the special fluorescent pen, After writing with fluorescent pen, switch on the colorful light on the led screen, the writing will be lighting. Although the writing line is rough and not very clear, some babies can use it for doodles. it is usually used in bars, shops for advertisement, show promotion news to customers. While The lcd drawing board function based on the screen”


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