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I have been paying close attention to LCD drawing boards. The most famous one is Boogie Boad in the United States. This is also the world’s first commercial lcd tablet that has been successfully mass-produced. To put it simply, the principle of the liquid crystal tablet is to use the characteristics of the bistable liquid crystal. When pressure is applied to the surface of the liquid crystal screen, the track can be recorded, and only a weak power is required when driving the refresh, thereby achieving low power consumption of the product. The old version of Boogie Boad has a built-in single-grain R2025 coin cell battery that lasts for 3-5 years and can be refreshed 50,000 times at 0.019 mW/square centimeter with a drive time of 1.05 seconds. The power consumption occurs only when the lcd writing screen is refreshed.

This is the lcd writing board I bought in HOWSHOW . The top five characteristics are: [convenient without pen] [battery available for 2 years] [protective eyes] [photo storage] [save three trees], this is basically the characteristics of all LCD pens, of course, the American Boogie Boad Battery and storage are better. Generally, the battery can be used for 3-5 years, and 50,000 times. The sync is less than 10 days, but it has already broken through the traditional LCD panel. In terms of storage, there are also special The app, and the recognition rate is high, very convenient. In the domestic brands, VRON has its own app, but basically it can’t be recognized. It can only rely on manual screenshots. At least I didn’t recognize it once. Because, the first LCD panel I first came into contact with was VRON, although it was a 5-inch one, which is why I bought a bigger board.


To be honest, although it is 8.5 inches, I still feel a little small. From the comparison of the pictures, it is not difficult to see that 8.5 inches is only half the size of A4. Try to write some words, there are still some limitations. I think if it is 9.7 inch Sync, it will be relatively better.

Compared with A4 paper, 8.5inch is half of the size.

Compared with keyboard and mouse, please find the following picture.

Lcd writing pend is on the top of the LCD board, there is also a delete button at the bottom, this is a good design, very smooth and avoid error operation. The pen slot is improved compared with the other version. Do not need to put the pen point before locking, just need to put the pen in the groove, press the button, it will be stuck firmly.

The last photo shows battery bin, it is at the bottom of lcd writing board with a mini screw. It cannot be seen if you do not look at it carefully, so won’t affect its novelty appearance.

My personal buying suggestion:

After all, this is an entry-level LCD tablet. If you have a soft spot for this, I think it is necessary to upgrade to Sync-level products, mainly to record and save data to mobile phones and computers. There are also some features similar to the Wacom tablet, which is really good.

Although LCD writing board now has “partial erasable” ‘’backlighting’ and other functions, there are still problems like this, and there is still a long way to go to replace paper. The advancement of science and technology not only brings us a happier life, but also makes our planet healthier. Work hard! Come on!

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