The best gift camera for my little Q

At the Dragon Boat Festival, our family went to Beijing. Before I set off, I prepared a travel surprise for Xiao Q. This surprise has been prepared for a long time, and it will take a long time to start talking about half a year ago.HITIONS little Q

Xiao Q is a very assertive child who likes to explore independently. Similar to cameras and telescopes, these freely controllable unconstrained toys are very appetizing for her. When she was just 3 years old, I gave her a card camerato try it out. She liked it very much and took it everywhere. However, the camera is small in size, thin in body, not easy to take and not resistant to falling. After a few misses, I took the smart camera back.

The camera was taken back, but Xiao Q took a picture of the camera and took photos in my mind, so I was thinking about finding a child camera for children over 3 years old.

I mainly considered two points when I chose a child camera:

  1. Easy to operate but not too simple
  2. 2, easy to grasp, anti-fall

The number one option is material, soft plastic and silicone material is good enough. It is anti-fall and has a thickness for easy grip and light weight.

There are not many children’s cameras, and after the factors such as cost performance, function and face value, it is easy to separate. I’ve choose one model but did not buy, I was watching for the price, besides, I need a good chance to make a surprise to little Q.

Just as I wrote at the beginning, little Q was surprised by my gift, she carried the camera in the following days, the same like a photographer.

Although I ‘ve learned about its function before purchase, its function beyond my expectation after using, besides ,it is around USD30 with16G memory card, second to none choice.


Product advantage:

1, well-made, anti-fall silicone handle, easy to grasp

2, before and after double shooting, touch screen, resolution reaches 264*2448 (800 W)

3, strong simulation

Easy to operate but need children to have a certain understanding ability, such as looking back, deleting, converting the camera, adding filters… good operation but not simple, fully taking care of the psychological characteristics of children over 3 years old.

4, photo effects, filters are extremely rich

Dozens of photo effects, both shooting and DIY, satisfying children’s creative desires

5, recording voices and videos, record and share your happy moments at any time.

The two functions of icing on the cake, although the sound quality is general, the noise is larger, but the chat is better than nothing.

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