Pros and cons of three common 3D printing methords

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) The FDM melt layer forming technology heats and melts the filamentous hot-melt material, and the three-dimensional nozzle is selectively coated on the table according to the sectional profile information under the control of the computer, and rapidly cooled to form a layer. After one layer has been formed, the machine table is […]

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How much does a 3D printing prototype cost?

This depends on what kind of 3D printing technology, printing material, model size, wall thickness, post-processing requirement etc. At present, the mainstream 3D printing working principle for prototypes includes three modes: SLS, SLA and FDM. FDM is a fused deposition molding. Generally speaking, the material is melted into a liquid state by high temperature, solidified by […]

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3D printing metals

6 traps for metal 3D printing

Metal 3D printing, like other 3D printing materials, requires 3D files to meet the basic requirements of physicality, water tightness, etc, it also have unique requirement as following:       1. the smallest detail features   The minimum detail feature is not less than 0.15mm, that is, the features and details less than 0.15mm may be […]

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metal 3Dprinting

Will metal 3Dprinting be the future of manufacturing

For mass production, traditional machining, die casting, sheet metal bending and wielding are very mature in market, in most situation 3D printing sits in inferior position no matter in cost or efficiency. For example, a relative simple plastic part, length 20cm, width20cm, height 7cm, a one-off 3D printing parts cost run with USD$30-40, if you go […]

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TOP 8 common surface finishing option

Surface treatment refers to the physical or chemical method of forming a layer on the surface of material with certain or multiple special properties .Surface treatment can improve the product appearance, texture, function and other aspects of performance. ◑ appearance: color, pattern, logo, luster/line (3 d and 2 d) ◑ texture: feel, roughness, life time(quality), streamlined, […]

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Feedbacks about HITIONS Consulting CO.,Ltd

Hearing from customers every day is very rewarding for us and we use any feedback received. If the feedback is positive, it makes our day and we take note of this aspect in order to keep it unchanged. If the feedback is negative, we respect it completely and work on it to avoid the same issue […]

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facing fear of height

I was sure I was going to die — not from impact but from fear. Just heard of the news 17 years old girl did die several weeks ago. At that moment in 2012, after finishing my internship, I was rocketing face-first toward the Guangzhou Baiyun district with a bungee attached to my legs. So I […]

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prototypes factory

Common metal materials used in prototyping

Aluminum: A variety of non-ferrous metals that can be electroplated, anodized, hair-treated, diamond-engraved, rich in change, is the use of a wide range of products such as TV box housing, Industry PC, power banks, drones. Brass: It is often buried and exposed material, which can be used for model making of fixtures, mechanical parts, etc. Zinc […]

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aluminum housing prototypes

How does Chinese manufacture deal with aluminum material prototypes?

First, Programming: According to the 3D drawings provided by the customer,stop the data writing program, and let the CNC machining equipment operate the machining according to these 3D data and turn the surface. Usually HITIONS start the programming once receive customer’s payment receipt. Second, cnc processing: After the cnc processing equipment according to the program written by […]

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acrylic material

How to make a transparent prototypes by CNC machining?

The answer is using transparent materials to create the mock-up,  Transparent prototype is very popular in prototyping industry. For example, the display lens of a mobile phone, a transparent case for storing clothes, a packaging box, a billboard and so on. But what materials are they made up of? The manufacturing of transparent prototypes mainly uses two kinds of materials, […]

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