Why is there a shadow or a faint “spot” around the projection screen?

Putting a projector on the bedroom and watching the movie comfortably in bed has become the choice of many young people. If the room decoration is not considered to reserve space for the projector, or if it is impossible to hoist the front projection, it is necessary to place the projector on the bedside cabinet for side projection(side casting).


However, some friends who use the side-projection will find a faint “spot” outside the screen, which affects the viewing effect. So what is the matter?

In fact, this is caused by the basic principle of the projector: the optical zoom causes the bright surface projected by the optical machine to not change with the change of the trapezoidal correction, and the trapezoidal correction only corrects the projected image, and the whole projection of the optical machine The bright side will still appear around the picture, especially the higher the brightness, the more obvious.

It can be seen that these projectors have different levels of external light spots when they are side-projected. In the picture, the pictures in the highlight mode, if adjusted to the standard mode or the economic mode, it is difficult to see these spots again.


So is there any way to eliminate these spots? From the mechanism, the spot on the side cannot be eliminated, only if it is under positive front projection, so it is recommended to use positive front projection. Or in the living room with some lights, the spot is partially inconspicuous because of the low brightness.

In summary, we can know that the side-projection picture can be viewed through the trapezoidal correction, but after all, some picture loss will occur, and the picture effect will not be optimized. And the front projection or the side mounted on the wall, and placed on the coffee table, can avoid the “spot” effect, making the projection better.

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