How to deal with used batteries when changing digital products every year?

With the replacement of electronic products, lithium batteries quickly entered the business model. It is widely used in electronic products such as laptops, projectors, handheld heads, and digital cameras. Of course, such “being favored” is inseparable from its excellent performance. Lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of high energy density, small volume, light weight, long cycle life, and no memory effect. We know that if the ordinary battery is discarded at will, it will cause serious pollution to the atmosphere and soil water, which will affect the harm of the human body. China has implemented strict waste sorting in Shanghai, Beijing and Shanghai at the beginning of the year

Waste batteries can be industrially processed. The general method is heat treatment. By placing the battery in a high temperature environment, mercury and other toxic components will evaporate, so that the battery can be detoxified and the metal components can be recovered. However, this method is not suitable for the individual to implement; heating the battery is also prone to explosion. So the best way is to collect used batteries and concentrate them on the recycling station.

There are some tips in the following contents:


Some dry batteries, such as projector remotes, electric razors, and batteries used in remote control toy cars, are thrown away and waste. It is best to put these batteries into the TV remote control, because the remote control does not require a lot of voltage. Even the used battery is enough for the remote control for a while.

Make art:

There are many talented people on the Internet who use used batteries to make various shapes of decorations. You can also imitate all kinds of artworks such as earth shape, tank feature.

battery made tankused battery artwork

Make a collection:

Many people have a hobby of collecting batteries. From the very old batteries at the beginning to the new brands, they all have collections, display various types of batteries, label them, and indicate which appliances they are from. Unloaded, this is also a good memory after n years.

battery collection

How do you usually deal with used batteries?

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