Do trading companies really have no advantages? I believe existence is the truth.

Some people dislike trading companies for this and that reasons.And even some sales feel shamed to tell customers they are trading. Hitions is a trading company as well. I am a materialist. I believe existence is the truth. Let me tell some advantages about trading companies.

hitions trading in consumer electronics

  1. Just because we don’t produce, the factory won’t take us as a competitor. We can transfer goods very conveniently, we can master the real situation of each factory, such as factory scale, quality.


  1. We are a trading company, we can operate a variety of products at the same time, and the factory can only operate the products that they When theyoperate other products, there is no tax refund, and have to pay taxes, the price is high, but we are the opposite. In fact, for consumer electronics and small home electronics, the price is clear in home market(China). It is more favorable to let us handle your purchasing.
  2. We are a trading company. We make a living by exporting. We regard customers as our life. If the factory, includingChinadomestic sales, make more money, it will move more to domestic market. This will cause a lot of inconvenience to your order.  We can find a lot of suitable factories to transfer goods for you. It’s much easier than going to find it yourself.

  1. We are a trading company. We now purchase a variety of products for many customers. We have our own testing processto ensure the quality.


  1. More importantly, we are centralized purchasing.We enjoy the price of the VIPcustomer when with limited quantity, you can compare it.
  2. We can go to the factory every day tourge the goods for you, to ensure that your goods are not delayed, or to grasp the progress in the first time.


If you build good relationship with a trading company, trading company will be your good overseas overseer!



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