Why do not people have three eyes ?

In the eyes of ancient Greek philosophers, people have a third eye, which is located in the center of the brain. This eye is considered to be a passage for energy to enter the human body. So far, medical research has not stopped the study of the third eye of human beings.

I don’t know if you have found out that the mood will be bad in the rainy days, the chicken farm will be clear all night, and the hen will lay more eggs. If you have a bad sleep or insomnia, eating melatonin will improve.

In fact, this kind of phenomenon is related to the third eye of the human being – the pineal gland, many amphibians and reptiles have the third eye in the middle of the head of, but why can not be found in birds and mammals. Even did not leave behind the remains of the body ?

The third eye appears at 2 months of embryonic development, for example, the shape of nerve cells in the lens, photoreceptor, and encephalopathy. The strange thing is that it begins to degenerate as soon as it appears. Passing on amphibians and climbing action.

The anatomical observation of the third eye, people found that these third eyes do not have a typical complex eye structure,

It is more similar to a plate made up of some photoreceptor cells. Because there is no refractive structure, the third eye does not have a clear imaging function, but only sensitized, the light signal collected by the third eye passes through the nerve, the specific structure of the incoming brain, through processing, regulates some basic life rhythms and escape mechanisms such as sleep awakening, perception of the season, reproductive behavior, and so on.

Some scientists believe that the third eye can still feel ultrasound and infra sound. It is because of this independent special organs, reptiles are very sensitive to natural disasters such as earthquakes, magnetic storms and volcanic eruptions.

If the animal’s third eye does have great use and help animals protect themselves, then What did humans do with it? Why is it degraded now?

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