Regret for the home theater projector you bought?

With the popularization of intelligent products, more and more people are beginning to pursue high-level enjoyment of life, and the requirements for quality of life are also increasing. Various household products are beginning to develop towards intelligence, and projections begin to gradually It has become a must-have for many young people to build a home theater, but many users have expressed regret that they bought a projector. Why do they regret it? Is it really regretting or is there another hidden feeling?

In fact, you may have a misunderstanding in the choice. If you make a purchase strategy before buying, you will not regret the purchase of the projector.

1, resolution

Many people will simply assume that the higher the resolution of the projection, the better, actually different resolutions has specific market requirements, it is the best to use the space and budget criteria to select the appropriate projector. For enterprises that have meeting needs, because of the large space, there are certain requirements for the performance of the image quality and the sharpness of the text presentation, so it is best to choose HD projection.

2, brightness, contrast

Brightness is an important factor affecting the sharpness of the projected picture in different environments and distances. The brightness of the projected picture is mostly based on ANSI lumen. The higher the ANSI, the higher the brightness of the projection, and the greater the resistance to ambient light. The better presentation of the picture, the sharpness of the text, etc., requires a high-contrast projection to satisfy, so these two points must be noted in selecting the projection.

Taking the M2 business projector as an example, the projection has an ANSI 550 lumen and a 10000: 1 contrast ratio, and the combination of the two achieves a good matching effect, which can meet outdoor projector screen requirement and home theater projector demands.  From the effect of its actual projection, the presentation of the text in PPT is clear and unambiguous, even if the enlarged font does not have obvious rough jaggedness, it can almost meet the business presentation needs of different documents.

3, simple and portable

Because of the actual use requirements of different scenes, the traditional projection is more troublesome in terms of device compatibility and file reading, and often requires the support of the extension line to achieve the normal use of the projection. In the current efficient and convenient office environment, the efficiency improvement is very important, which puts a test on the ease of use of the projection.

M2 supports wireless projection of iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices. At the same time, there are U disk direct reading, WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth connection, etc.? Transforming the projection from “wired” to “wireless” not only greatly enhances our ease of use, but also improves our office efficiency.

Personal experience tells me that there is no need to pay too much attention to the many features highlighted in the projection product advertisements. Brightness, contrast, ease of use, resolution, etc. are the most important factors, especially the choice of business projection.

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