Coca-cola unveiled the first recycled plastic bottles, Stunt or revolution?

Looking at the streets around, no waste being found in the cites, nor in developed countries and regions.

But it does not mean that the waste does not exist in the mountains and seas. When we make a lot of living waste every day, have you ever thought about a problem, where will the waste go?

Every year, the world produces an average of about 2.1 billion tons of garbage, enough to fill 820,000 Olympic swimming pools...

How long does it take for an ordinary plastic bottle to be completely discarded after being discarded? The answer is 450 to 500 years.

The World Wildlife Fund opened a live broadcast in March and will continue to broadcast for 450 years to demonstrate the decomposition process of plastic bottles.

I don’t know after 450 years, we will become “so and such waste”?

Coca-Cola regenerate bottle

Coca-Cola, announced on October 16 that it has launched the world’s first regenerative recycled plastic beverage bottle made from recycled marine plastic waste.

The company has launched the first batch of 300 plastic bottles, and 25% of the raw materials are from marine waste collected by volunteers in 84 cleaning operations in Spain and Portugal.

Coca-Cola said in a statement that from the current point of view, this enhanced recycling will be expected to introduce commercial scale, waste streams using existing recycle, including previously non-recyclable plastics and lower quality recyclables. Beginning in 2020, the Coca-Cola Company plans to promote this enhanced recycled material in Coke bottles.

Affected by the shrinking of the carbolic acid market, the performance of “Coke Tycoon” has been sluggish for many years. From the current point of view, the image effect of 300 plastic bottles on Coca-Cola is greater than the actual environmental protection. What will happen next,we have to wait until 2020?

I have to mention, and the recently-exploding Swedish “environmental princess” Greta Thunberg .

On August 20, 2018, a technology company called “We don’t have time” (WE DON’T HAVE TIME) posted a tweet with a photo of a “Swedish girl” sitting on the sidewalk, text The content is: “A 15-year-old girl went to strike in front of the Swedish parliament until the Election day after 3 weeks.”

Imagine how lonely she is in this photo. Those who just pass by, continue to do business as usual. But the truth is, We can’t, she knows too!”

In less than 24 hours, this picture and tweet about the Greta Thunberg  strike received more than 20,000 likes, comments and comments. Not long after, the Swedish national media began to report.

In 2019, Greta was invited to participate in the UN climate conference. She decided to strike for a month. She sailed (so-called zero emissions) across the Atlantic to participate in the UN climate summit, hoping that governments would face environmental issues.

It was soon reported that the carbon emissions from the manufacture of the sailboat were far greater than the average carbon emissions from her flight to the United States. What’s even more ridiculous is that the ship will be sent back to Sweden by a sponsored special aircraft.

According to the survey,  “We have no time”, the company successfully reached 18 million fans. They currently have seven times as many fans as other climate organizations in the world in Facebook. In addition, the company has attracted 435 investors (74.52% of the company’s shares) through the online crowd-funding platform FundedByMe.

Running garbage

Therefore, tearing off the mask of hypocrisy and stripping off the coat of capital, environmental protection has never been done by mouth.

Who is the “Environmental Hero” in the world, who is the “Pioneer” of low-carbon life?

It will not be the entrepreneurs who speculate on the concept of environmental protection,nor the so-called environmentalists who are ignorant of children not going to class, but everyone who is actually practicing environmental protection in their daily lives.

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