How could I deal with a boss who provides unclear expectations?

In 2012,I just joined the commodity consulting company. I haven’t had time to understand the department’s work content and my job responsibilities. My boss let me in charge of the product line revolution.

I gathered a full day of courage, carried a thick notebook and two pens, went to the boss and prepared to note down his suggestion and instructions.

“Why should I hire you if I know every details? I need qualified suppliers, price support, and most importantly, continuous after-sales service!”

Then there is no more then. That’s all.

That’s right, I came across a typical fuzzy unclear feedback. I was forced at the time, and there was a bunch of people with question face inside.

I guess your are also facing a similar situation as “The boss is absent”!

Some suggestions maybe help you face a vague direction(unclear expectation)

  1.  Choose the correct reporting method, let the boss or professor do the multiple choice questions instead of the essay questions.

Think first! Consult with friends or seniors in similar areas. Heading to PhD’s office with choice Plan a, plan B, plan C.

  1. Guide the boss’s or professors’ thinking path and let him “follow you”

Bosses are often used to lead the way and are not good at giving detailed advice on the job. At this time, we need to be guided consciously.

During his campaign, US President Trump is very good at using a method – he first affirms your point of view, pulls you to his camp, then “leads” your thinking, lets you say that he wants you to say it.

  1.  Do process control and synchronize fresh feedback at any time.

If there is a new situation during the implementation of the program, you must do a good job of process control, report the details to the leader in time, and seek new feedback.

“The absent boss” is sometimes an opportunity for newcomers in the workplace.

The boss’s feedback is blurred, and we actually have more autonomy. Leaders who are well-rounded and details instructed in place will certainly enhance your execution, but to a certain extent also impede your subjective initiative. You will grow into a good performer, but you also lose a lot of opportunities to think independently and stand out from the crowd.

Do you still remember my blurring expectation experience?

Faced with the few of instructions, I was depressed for a whole day. Then asked an senior supply chain expert in TOMTOP, she told me:“Now, you are the rule!

I realized that my chance came. Then I made it, according to my wills. This product line revolution enhanced my supply chain management ability and master more industry information than my colleagues who joined the same year.

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