What ‘s 6G?

“I have not experienced 5G yet, 6G is coming!”

“Are you kidding? “ “Am I missing something?”

It is true, 6G is on the way!!!

The 6G network will focus on building a fully connected communication world integrating ground communication, satellite communication and ocean communication. The “blind area” of mobile communication such as desert, no-man’s land and ocean is expected to achieve signal coverage.

“The speed of 6G network will be 100 times faster than 5G, which can reach 1TB per second, which means that downloading a movie can be completed in 1 second. Unmanned driving and drone control will be very comfortable, users even feel There is no delay,” said Wu Qihui, executive vice president of the School of Electronics and Information Engineering at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The communication revolution brought by 6G is not only reflected in the network speed, but also the user’s interactive experience will be greatly improved. The information transmission capacity will be larger per unit time and the transmission delay will be shorter.

In the 1G to 4G era, communication technology is still a consumer application in the 1G to 4G era, and 5G and beyond will go to industrial applications, such as the Industrial Internet, in the view of Zhu Hongbo, chairman of the China Electronics Society’s Communications Branch and director of the School of Internet of Things at Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Intelligent transportation, etc.

“Now the academic community has different views on the definition of 6G. 5G is mainly for the early stage construction of Industry 4.0, and the specific application direction of 6G is still in the exploration stage.” Some experts believe that 6G will be used for space communication. , intelligent interaction, tactile Internet, emotional and tactile communication, multi-sensory mixed reality, machine-to-machine collaboration, fully automatic traffic and other scenarios.

Let’s expect what 5G 6G will bring to us!


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