What’s the best portable pico camera?

Portable projectors have made leaps and bounds in predecessors from only a couple of short years back. Mini Pico projectors have been known as a hassle, but  X2 is different.

Today we are going to have a better look at exactly what it offers, which comprises impress us, and also what is lacking.

By taking a glimpse in the X2, you will notice that it is undoubtedly built to impressive. It appears like every details was selected to outperform almost every other mobile projector in its category.

Thanks to its 210 ANSI lumen brightness,  X2 was created as a 1080p projector which can display high high definition quality from just about any source.

Plus, it’s got great speakers and all the features of a smart TV built right in—apps, Google Play, WiFi, Bluetooth and much more. You can even wirelessly connect all your external devices like gaming consoles, speakers, Apple TV, Roku, and whatever else with a simple click.

Further more, the auto keystone angle adjustment and brightness controls allow you to get the perfect picture and contrast experience.

Another important aspect is the size of the projection. It casts awesome 1080p HD video onto any wall and doesn’t lose a single iota of quality up to 200 inches.

Digital Projector X2 Android 7.0

The only issue with home use is that the picture doesn’t hold up in extra bright or sunny conditions. You might have to close the blinds if you want the best quality picture.

But overall, the picture quality is very high even during the day.

As soon as it is not the absurd 4K or 8K resolution which you will find in CES with the most recent OLED televisions, 1080p is still great!

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