Is 3D printing cheaper than CNC machining?

Enterprises in the process of research and development of new products need to make prototypes, mainly to verify if there is any problem of a design, it is also a key link before the mold, in the prototyping industry, 3D printing and CNC processing is the most popular processing method.

They are different in some aspects:

-3D printing can process a variety of complex curved surfaces and special-shaped structures, one-time processing is completed;

-CNC processing, if processing complex hand plates, need to be processed multiple times, the need for split programming is large, and the later manual is also more complicated.

Some customers may think that the cost of a 3D printing method mock-up is cheaper than that by CNC machining. In fact, this idea is not correct. The price level of the two processing methods is relative, if the product is smaller, the structure and process are more complicated, 3D printing processing cost less. If the product structure is relatively simple, the size is relatively large, and the price of CNC machining will have an advantage.

To sum up: The price of prototypes is determined by the complexity of the product, the difficulty of processing, the size and materials.

The structural prototypes are mainly used to verify whether the structure design is reasonable, whether it can be used to install electronic parts, whether can be used as a manufacturing product; As to appearance prototypes, although the appearance of the hand board does not have any structure, but the inside is solid, mainly to see the appearance of the product.

Making a prototype to see if the product design is insufficient helps reduce the risk of product opening, improve design problems that arise during the mold opening process, thus reduce huge cost losses to the enterprise.

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