MaYun: women buy gift for husbands, kids and parents, but men only buy for himself

Is MaYun’s opinion right? I am not sure, but it is correct to me.:)

Nov 11 shopping gala is coming, all shops launch discount promotion activities. What kind of cheap nice products did you buy?

shipping from oversea

Here are five phrase to express cheap I ‘ve just learned from a public we chat platform.

-“It is a bargain.”

-“It is a steal.”

-“It is as cheap as chips.”

-“It is good value for money!”

-“It is snip!”

As far as I am concerned when something is dirty cheap, or is a bargain or is a snip or steal, I tend to distrust its quality, which is very reason I seldom become a shipping rat on this shopping spree day.

Plus,  it is very important to think up a suitable word or phrase to describe service or products. Cheap or snip or as cheap as chip is more often than not referred to products of lower price but of sleazy quality.

I prefer to say:”We offer the prototypes at the reasonable price and our products are best value of money.’

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