Skills about CNC machining

  1. Complete most or all of the processes in one process and reduce theclamped times of the work-piece.


  1. Whileprocessing, make work-piece positioned as precise as possible according to the drawing.


  1. In the processing,select the most suitable tool processing to reduce the processing timeaccording to the material and size of the parts,


  1. In order to reduce the wear of the tool, lower the load of each axis of the machine tool and the better surface finish, we would better use down-cut milling..


  1. The free-running processing road of the program should be reduced as much as possible to reduce the wear and processing time of the machine tool.


  1. Try to use simpleadjustable clamps clamps when machining single or small batch parts.
  2. When processing large amounts of parts, stable special fixtures, tools, and inspection tools, quick clamping and positioningshould be used, what’s more, the fixtures should be convenient.
  3. In the mold processing, the production and discharge processing of copper electrode(cu electrode or brass work) is an important part of it. The quality of the copper work and the difference of the processing technology directly affect the external effect of the product.

Before writing the knife path, after moving the three-dimensional picture, move the center of the graphic to the origin of the coordinate, move the highest point to Z=0, add the shrinkage rate, and then process it. The copper spark position can process the negative reserve. . Before processing, check whether the clamping direction of the workpiece is the same as the direction of the graphic in the computer. Is the alignment in the mold correct, whether the fixture interferes with the processing, and whether the orientation of the front and rear molds match. Also check to see if the tool you are using is complete, the benchmark in the calibration table, and so on.

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