Common metal materials used in prototyping

  1. Aluminum: A variety of non-ferrous metals that can be electroplated, anodized, hair-treated, diamond-engraved, rich in change, is the use of a wide range of products such as TV box housing, Industry PC, power banks, drones.
  2. Brass: It is often buried and exposed material, which can be used for model making of fixtures, mechanical parts, etc.
  3. Zinc alloy: commonly used materials for die-casting, easy to form, fast processing, smooth surface of molded products, is the material often used in home appliances & automotive industry;
  4. Aluminum Magnesium Alloy: Light weight and good strength. It is widely used inconsumer electronics. The disadvantage is that magnesium is a flammable metal prototype, environmental control is very important during CNC machining, it is dangerous during operating with a high cost.
  5. Other metal materials: number 45 carbon steel, number 40 chrome, stainless steel 304, 306
  6. Sheet metal processing materials: stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, ordinary iron plate, thin aluminum plate, copper plate.
  7. Speaker Mesh: a complete mesh plate for flat cutting & three-dimensional punching
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