How much does a 3D printing prototype cost?

This depends on what kind of 3D printing technology, printing material, model size, wall thickness, post-processing requirement etc.

At present, the mainstream 3D printing working principle for prototypes includes three modes: SLS, SLA and FDM. FDM is a fused deposition molding. Generally speaking, the material is melted into a liquid state by high temperature, solidified by extrusion through a printing head, and finally arranged in a three-dimensional space to form a solid object.

Since FMD prints at a slow speed and has low precision with higher price. It has gradually been eliminated by the market and is not commercially available. The SLA SLS printing are fast and has high precision. The material is generally photosensitive resin, and the price is around USD$2/g. Due to its high efficiency and clear and reasonable charges, SLA SLS has become the main working mode of the entire prototyping industry and has gradually replaced the traditional CNC process for small orders. HITIONS 3d printing manufacturing ability has helped thousands of design companies make money and save money.

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