The Rococo Group with a thousand designers is currently the world’s largest industrial design group. But just last year, Jia Wei, the founder of Rococo, killed himself. He chose to start a business again. The goal is to create a social product crowd-funding platform with a designer scale of up to 10 million. Why did Jia Wei make such a choice? Recently,Wei Jia accepted an exclusive interview with “Get” Knowledge News Studio, and talked about the original intention of his second venture and some views on the future imaginative economy.

Wei Jia ’s social product crowd-funding platform is called “Loker”, and he calls the Loker  model “CBD”. Here, C is the user, B is the supply chain and customers, and D is the designer. “Loker” brings these three parties together to form a platform for crowd-creation.

The reason for such a shared design platform is first of all because Wei Jia feels that there have been some problems with past design patterns. For example, in the past, the design was an island, and users could not connect with enterprises, industrial designers, and design companies. After the products came out, users could participate in testing, participate in taunt, and so on. For another example, from the perspective of the supplier, the past supply chain was also problematic. The entire supply chain was a linear process, from research and development, design, production, marketing, and finally to consumers. Such a linear process is no longer in line with today’s sales upgrade model. So Luoke’s platform is a bit like the design world’s Didi, bringing together designers, supply chains, and users around the world. Trench the product from the user’s point of view, give inspiration from the designer’s point of view, give production solutions from the perspective of the producer and the supply chain, form a crowd-creation ecology, and let the people who really use the product, those who make the product, and provide the product Creative people are entering the platform.

Wei Jia said that this platform is more like an imagination platform. The current sharing economy is basically sharing resources and labor. When this sharing economy develops to a certain stage, its upper layer will be sharing imagination and brainpower.

Secondly, the emergence of Loker is also related to today’s consumption upgrade. Wei Jia believes that in the context of consumption upgrade, four platforms will emerge. The first platform is the lowest-level data platform, and companies such as BAT will sink to the lowest level. On the data platform, based on the consumption upgrade, there will be a platform called the super supply chain platform, which can achieve intelligent production, flexible manufacturing, and personalized manufacturing. Just like the Red Collar Group, each suit is different. It is a layer above the super data platform and can be connected with the data platform. But the super supply chain can’t solve the problem of creativity, it still solves the problem of efficiency and personalization. Therefore, there should be a platform on the super supply chain, called the super designer platform. Luo Ke, created by Wei Jia, is such a platform, which can connect with the super supply chain and data. On the super designer platform, the fourth platform is the super IP platform, which directly faces consumers with content and personalization.

Wei Jia said that among these four-tier platforms, the first-tier data platform is already well developed. The second-tier super supply chain platform, with the upgrading of Chinese consumption, all industries must build super supply chains. The top layer is similar to super IP and internet celebrity. Now China is also very developed. The only platform without integration is the designer platform. And if there is no designer platform, consumer upgrades cannot be done, because consumer upgrades need beautiful things and creative things, so Wei Jia is a Luoke, hoping to open up the relationship between the super supply chain and designers and users. , But this platform is more complicated, there are users, but also the supply chain.

In addition, Wei Jia believes that the platform of Luoke can be realized, and another background is intelligent. When Wei Jia was in Rococo, he found that a problem was that during the burst of inspiration, only one quarter of the time was spent doing what he should do, and the rest was all about checking the information. But the matter of checking information is now possible with artificial intelligence. Designers still spend a quarter of their time on communication, communicating with customers, or communicating internally. Wei Jia thinks that through artificial intelligence and data, some communications can also be gradually removed. Wei Jia hopes to replace these two things with platforms as much as possible, for example, to open the experience of some Rococo projects, open the user data they have studied over the years, and provide it to designers, so that industrial designers will have creative inspiration With more time, the efficiency of the entire platform will be greatly improved.

Finally, in terms of users, Jia Wei hopes that the value of users can be further amplified. Users can participate in product creation tasks related to product design tasks.In addition to receiving bounty, they have the opportunity to experience the latest products at the first time, participate in product launches, and meet with design executives and corporate executives to discuss product design. Pros and cons.

The above is Jia Wei’s views on the future imaginative economy for your reference.

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