There’s a handful of issues that effect our choice for SLA or SLS. But it does depends on the main feature you want to achieve in every parts really.

If you are printing parts with aesthetic pattern, SLA printed parts looks better with smoother surface and usually shows a high level of details. That is, SLA is more accurate.


If you are manufacturing end use parts, SLS is a better choice because the parts are stronger in strength and suffer less from UV degradation. SLS has a higher throughput than SLA, but SLA is generally higher cost because SLA printing need supports during printing and supports must be removed carefully by hand and you have to bears risk of filing down parts, while if you are making many similar parts, SLA would also be a good method because engineers can improve the support removal partially.


If you are making parts with complex geometries then SLS would be easier and work more smoothly.

Besides, prototyping geometry and final function of the parts also act an important role in which 3Dprinting technology would be better.

If you are not urgent for a 3D printing project, HITIONS, China professional manufacturing 3D printing service might help you save not merely time. Usually for proof of concept parts, overall feature could be accomplished within one day, if you need special surface treatment, it takes about 2-3days to be ready to ship.

Best of luck!


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