Let’s alking about the size of printed parts, not the size of 3D printers, there are both fixed factors and variable factors, this post will mainly talk about the variable factors:

-The larger 3D printer, the larger printing area( there are fixed factors, printing Table size, light source irradiation range and Z direction travel) of course, the bigger parts you will gets,but the more difficult for us to make sure every part of it is properly aligned and precisely located, so as to accomplish precise parts.

That is, if you are not caring about the overall accuracy, you can make 3D printed parts as large as possible within size of 3D printer platform area. But you have to bear the long printing time and unexpected failure in prints.

-If you care about accuracy as well as size such as for engineering parts, it seems keeping everything properly rigid gets that much harder, while the large parts can also be achieved as long as you work with a manufacture who can perform balance among thermal stress, wrapping enclosure, material deposit speed.

Hitions combines latest high precision 3D printer and professional expert in operating, we value every customer’s design and provide best solution to accomplish your idea.

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