Prototyping manufacturer A quotes USD$30,000 to customers, and another model factory B bids USD$10,000 for the same order.


The salesman of prototyping factory A reports to his boss: “There is a small model making factory in the market. Their price is very low and it is difficult to deal with.”


The boss asked, “Since this mock-up factory is so powerful, why is it always a small workshop, but we are a big factory?”

In fact, such cases are common in the model making industry.


The world is changing too fast, and the prototypes industry is fiercely competitive. If factories rely on low-price competition instead of upgrading, elimination is inevitable! The following three types are typical of being eliminated!


The first type: short-sighted, relying on price wars


Some model making manufacturers are unwilling to invest and earn short-term profits through price wars. They usually only play the role of “stuck” in the market. They can grab some orders in the short term, but they will not be lost for a long time because these customers and you Cooperation will drain your profits, keep you busy, and make you poor.


Second: Enterprises with backward ideas


If you have not kept up with the pace of technological progress, can you still rely on those traditional experiences? The biggest enemy in the world is not others but yourself, and only by absorbing new knowledge in time can you stand on top of the wave!


The third type: companies that are slow to respond to new things


The birth of any innovation is linked to a huge opportunity! New things must be related to trends, and trends are not judged by eyes, but judged by vision! Whoever seizes the trend will seize it The future! Turning a blind eye to new things, turning a deaf ear, will eventually be eliminated by society!


Only by continuously improving the hard and soft power of an enterprise can the enterprise’s development path go faster and farther. We call on the prototyping industry to use the pre-pay of profit space to focus on quality and precision, to build high-quality models in China, and to form a virtuous circle of development in the metal plastic model industry.

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