8 Leading design Blogs about Industrial Design and Engineering

Industrial design is an industry combining rationality and sensibility, combining science and technology with art. Industrial designers sketch, render, model, and make prototypes to achieve clients and manufacturers’ specific requirement. There is no large gap in the expression and implementation capabilities of the respective drawing, software technology, etc. That is to say, the using proficiency of software tools (such as Autodesk, SOLIDWORKS, and 3D modeling and printing)determines the lower limit of designers, but aesthetics determines the upper limit of the designer’s level.So aesthetics has become an additional growth point for design works.

For newbies, it is a long process to combine humanistic Practicality with aesthetics thinking. They often seek creative ideas and inspirations while developing concepts and designs for manufactured products. That’s why we at HITIONS have rounded up the 8 top industrial design blogs, these outstanding blog websites can help us learn leading trends information and insights from peers and experts while satisfying our curiosity. Please note we have listed our top industrial design blogs here, in no particular order.

  1. Behance .http://www.behance.net/

Behance is the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work, and is part of the Adobe family. Areas covered include design, fashion, illustration, industrial design, architecture, photography, art, advertising, typography, animation, sound effects, and more.


  1. YD yanko design  http://www.yankodesign.com/

YD focuses on the sharing of conceptual design works, covering furniture, products and transportation. The concept design ideas are relatively new. If you are thinking about openness, YD will be very suitable for you.

3. Designboom http://www.designboom.com/

Designboom is an Italian industrial design website with a history of more than 17 years. It has a high reputation in the global design industry. Since 1999, it has become a stronghold in the art design field and is independent. Covers a series of pioneering works in design, architecture, art, photography and graphic design.

4. core77 http://www.core77.com/

Core77 is a website dedicated to introducing global industrial design industry information in the United States. Founded in 1995, it has industrial design fans from various countries around the world. The articles published on Core77 include industrial design works, industrial design papers, latest trends in industrial design, etc. It is a relatively authoritative industrial design website and a communication and learning platform. Let these designers participate in design comparison and show themselves here.core77 design artwork

  1. design-milk http://design-milk.com

The design-milk is called the “vitamin D” you need to prepare every day. The “D” here means Design. The content of this website is mostly industrial design, interior design, architectural design, and occasionally there are some technology and fashion content.

  1. cardesignnews cardesignnews.com

Car Design News is the world’s largest automotive design community, where students and designers from automotive design majors from all over the world exchange and share car design online. It covers all automotive design news, in-depth reports on automotive exhibitions, design information, etc. In addition, it conducts exclusive interviews with automotive design supervisors in the news area, organizes automotive design comparisons, and includes design concept communication and automotive manufacturing process reports.

  1. Coroflot http://www.coroflot.com/ was created in 1998. Coroflot has 1.4 million creative designs so far, and more than 150,000 design professionals from around the world have published their works on it. Covers industrial design, graphic design, fashion, interior design, textiles, interaction design, architectural design, illustrator and other art design people, and even includes professional software technology 3D modeling and rendering designers posted their own works. Coroflot not only allows designers to freely publish their own design works, but also brings together many well-known design companies such as Frog Design, Microsoft, Nokia, Intel and other large companies to post their recruitment information on design talent needs.coroflot inspiring talent experienced work
  2. Cool Hunting http://www.com/

Coolhunting is a site for inspiration. His English name is Search for Inspiration. This site selects the most classic creative design, technology, art and other works from many works and updates them daily.

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