Finding the right supplier is hard work!
Purchasing customized prototyping service by yourself is extremely time-consuming, and sometimes we usually meet high staff turn over, this can lead to costly misunderstandings. 

Have you ever wondered how can you find really loyal supplier with one stop service, without spending countless hours researching? 

That’s what we do!
For over the past four years we have been working hand-in-hand with excellent stable factories to meet our customers’ market demands, that benefit us all.

When quality, time, and costs are important to your company, it’s best to avoid taking chances and work with HITIONS.


Founded in 2016 by a parents, Jack He and Cindy Zhao, Jack used to work as mechanical engineer in a listed company ARTOP, has ever worked on many cases with foreigners, in his vision, engineers should foucs in technics while the truth it is engineers have to spend lots of time dealing with prototyping suppliers, and usually for complex project, designers need to coordinate more than three suppliers to achieve one tangible mock-up, especially for foreign cases, seeing this, HITIONS was born .

We work with individual, enterprise, business and startups. In our opinion, there is no customer, only partner. It’s our vision that deliver high quality, risk-free products to meet market demanding and benefit us all.

What can we support:
1. Rapid prototype/ Mock up/ 3D printing/CNC machining /vacuum casting
2. Small run production(injection mold, die casting), pcb layout

When quality, time, and costs are important to your company, it’s best to avoid taking chances and work with HITIONS.

So, a father in thirties, for home, accompanying than leaving them alone with games or toys; for customers, under promise and over deliver than inverse. Jack He-Hitions, General manager

Jack He, General manager

Most people like to buy products on Amazon, wish, E bay, so we receive many parcels from different shops every week. Have you winded up feeling crowded with many package waste? Spend much time to track the separate orders and clean the package rubbish. HITIONS do inverse, we reduce parcels , recycle package and work with package recycling station, join us NOW !

Cindy Zhao Hitions

Cindy Zhao, Director