In 2012,I just joined the commodity consulting company. I haven’t had time to understand the department’s work content and my job responsibilities. Leaders let me in charge of the product line innovation.

I gathered a full day of courage, carried with a thick notebook and two pens, went to the boss and prepared to note down his suggestion and instructions in details.

“Why should I hire you if I know every details? I need qualified suppliers, price support, and most importantly, continuous after-sales service!”

Then there is no more then.

That’s right, I came across a typical fuzzy unclear feedback. I was forced at the time, and there was a bunch of people with question face inside.

Faced with the few of instructions, I was depressed for a whole day. Then asked an senior supply chain expert in TOMTOP, she told me: “Now, you are the rule!”

I realized that my chance came. Then I made it, according to my wills. This product line revolution enhanced my supply chain management ability and master more industry information than my colleagues who joined the same year.

For work, the best relationship between employees and bosses is alliances, which are mutual growth and mutual achievement.

Now I’d like to share something useful to others and improve my writing skills as the same time.