8 Leading design Blogs about Industrial Design and Engineering

Industrial design is an industry combining rationality and sensibility, combining science and technology with art. Industrial designers sketch, render, model, and make prototypes to achieve clients and manufacturers’ specific requirement. There is no large gap in the expression and implementation capabilities of the respective drawing, software technology, etc. That is to say, the using proficiency of software tools (such as Autodesk, […]

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A mug from IEKA provoke the thought in design

My coffee cup was broken by accident so I bought a new mug from IEKA last week. This cup costs USD$0.45 each,it is narrow and the bottom is a bit like a funnel. I am not sure if there is a same coffee cup in your local shop, but is really very popular, cheap and occupy 11% more market […]

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How to achieve a win-win strategy without disturbing others today?

Today I read a story about design saving lives. In 1988, Simon Bailey went to Zambia in Africa to provide humanitarian assistance. He discovered one thing, many children in remote places, because of lack of basic medicine, often diarrhea caused dehydration and lost their lives. But Coca-Cola is available almost everywhere. He thought at that time, […]

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Rococo: crowdfunding platform “Loker” for designers

The Rococo Group with a thousand designers is currently the world’s largest industrial design group. But just last year, Jia Wei, the founder of Rococo, killed himself. He chose to start a business again. The goal is to create a social product crowd-funding platform with a designer scale of up to 10 million. Why did Jia Wei […]

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Feedbacks about HITIONS Consulting CO.,Ltd

Hearing from customers every day is very rewarding for us and we use any feedback received. If the feedback is positive, it makes our day and we take note of this aspect in order to keep it unchanged. If the feedback is negative, we respect it completely and work on it to avoid the same issue […]

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facing fear of height

I was sure I was going to die — not from impact but from fear. Just heard of the news 17 years old girl did die several weeks ago. At that moment in 2012, after finishing my internship, I was rocketing face-first toward the Guangzhou Baiyun district with a bungee attached to my legs. So I […]

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France president Macron thumb up

Three most beautiful places in night view Shanghai

Recently, the Expo CIIE was opened in Shanghai, China. The products on display at the show amazed the world. The youngest president of the world leader, Mark Long, was very excited. In addition to creative products, in addition to buying and buying, as well as Shanghai’s night scenes, visitors are lingering. I have the privilege of working in […]

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used battery artwork

How to deal with used batteries when changing digital products every year?

With the replacement of electronic products, lithium batteries quickly entered the business model. It is widely used in electronic products such as laptops, projectors, handheld heads, and digital cameras. Of course, such “being favored” is inseparable from its excellent performance. Lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of high energy density, small volume, light weight, long cycle life, […]

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HITIONS little Q

The best gift camera for my little Q

At the Dragon Boat Festival, our family went to Beijing. Before I set off, I prepared a travel surprise for Xiao Q. This surprise has been prepared for a long time, and it will take a long time to start talking about half a year ago. Xiao Q is a very assertive child who likes to […]

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