What are the variable factors limiting the size of 3D printed parts?

Let’s alking about the size of printed parts, not the size of 3D printers, there are both fixed factors and variable factors, this post will mainly talk about the variable factors: -The larger 3D printer, the larger printing area( there are fixed factors, printing Table size, light source irradiation range and Z direction travel) of course, […]

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DLP0.3 inch pocket projector

What’s the best portable pico camera?

Portable projectors have made leaps and bounds in predecessors from only a couple of short years back. Mini Pico projectors have been known as a hassle, but  X2 is different. Today we are going to have a better look at exactly what it offers, which comprises impress us, and also what is lacking. By taking a […]

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What ‘s 6G?

“I have not experienced 5G yet, 6G is coming!” “Are you kidding? “ “Am I missing something?” It is true, 6G is on the way!!! The 6G network will focus on building a fully connected communication world integrating ground communication, satellite communication and ocean communication. The “blind area” of mobile communication such as desert, no-man’s land and […]

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Why do not people have three eyes ?

In the eyes of ancient Greek philosophers, people have a third eye, which is located in the center of the brain. This eye is considered to be a passage for energy to enter the human body. So far, medical research has not stopped the study of the third eye of human beings. I don’t know if […]

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thinking why

Why trading company?

What’s the advantage of trading company? A wide variety of products, the cost will be reduced How to reduce the cost? Generally, a trading company can either sell a lot of branded products or sell a lot of products, which can be widely selected by customers. For example, a foreigner customer said to me, “It is […]

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