It’s one thing to produce a design, a prototype, and a huge excitement for the future, but there is another mountain to climb. One that requires manufacturing, quality control, certification, supply chain management, shipping etc. And, if the whole project is not synchronized are you going to get there on budget?

Our manufacturing capability comes in the form of leading factory in China with a center of excellence for tooling, plastic moulding, die casting and assembly. We also have a brigade of supply chain managers to source and control components on a global scale.

Die casting

Die casting is excellent for high volume production in aluminum, zinc,or magnesium. Hitions provide high quality metal parts with precision, light weight,beautiful appearance, high efficiency, low consumption in modern manufacturing. At Hitions, pressure die castings are widely used in auto industries,home appliances, electronics, and machinery.

Advantages of Die Casting

  • Excellent dimensional accuracy
  • Stable quality for bulk copy-able
  • Great for largeand complex parts
  • Aestheticsurface finish and range of treatments


Low-Volume Manufacturing Solutions

As the upgrading of industry chain, you need a partner not only can rely on for rapid prototypes,but also for rapid injection molding, and low-volume production. You need a Chinese manufacturer who can deliver with the speed and quality your project deserves under one roof.

  • Rapid CNC machining
  • Rapid Prototypes and 3D printing
  • Rapid injection mold and tooling

At Hitions, flexible project solutions which meet your specific project requirements.

Our MOQ starts at 1 for prototypes and typically goes up to 100,000 parts (plastic, metal, composites)。