Silicone prototypes are often manufactured with urethane casting (vacuum casting)to provide convenience for rapid product copying/ small run prototypes .

Step1. Mother Prototype

Before making a silicone prototype, you need to make a prototype. This is usually done by 3D printing or CNC machining.

Step 2. Silicone mold

After the 3D printed prototype is ready, start to make a silicone mold, surround the prototype with a board, prepare for the mold, and make the nozzle.

Pour the liquid silicone rubber that has been evacuated with a vacuum into the mold, cover the product completely, put the mold into the oven and bake, so that the silicone mold will accelerate curing and molding. After drying for eight hours, cut the silicone mold open , Take out the prototype. The silicone mold is now ready.

Step 3.Injection

Inject the liquid gum material into the silicone mold and dry it. According to the materials required for the product, vacuum-feed and pour the material to reproduce the finished product. The service life of the transparent silicone mold is about 15-20 mold times. For example, if you need 30,40pieces, we need to remake a silicone mold. So vacuum casting has advantage in cost and speed for 5-15pieces.

Hardness characteristics of silicone Prototype

1. For small products with fine patterns. It is better to use soft silica gel to make molds, because the small products will easily damage  during demolding time, so soft silicone material is much better.

2. If you are copying a large product, it is better to use a hard silicone gel to make the mold, so that the finished product will not be deformed.

3. If silicone oil increases 10%, the hardness will decrease by 5 degrees; if silicone oil increase 20%, the hardness will decrease by 10 degrees. By analogy, the more the silicone rubber is pulled, the tear strength will be worsened accordingly. There is no special case to add silicone oil. Hitions team take customer’s requirement at the first rank, we provide the most appropriate hardness(shores degree) to make balance between appearance and strength in short time.

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