Full color resin

Full Color 3D printing technical parameters
1. One-time molding print size: 49x 39×20 cm (19.3x 15.35×7.9 inches);
2. Print layer thickness: x-axis 42μm. y-axis 42μm. z-axis 16um;
3. Achievable accuracy: molding accuracy: +0.1mm (Ls100mm) or +0.1% xL (L > 100mm)
4. post-processing: easy to polish, spray, electroplating, drilling, can be spliced large-sized objects;

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Printing Technology: Polyjet Light Curing (SLA)

Material properties: can print a variety of different photosensitive resins at the same time, combined with more than 500,000 colors, texture mapping, gradient, different transparency, softness.

Material use: Pantone color is perfect, the appearance, touch and function of the printed model are close to the prototype.


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