High precision resin

Precision: +_0.02mm

Maximum size: 298*185+203

Printing technology: MJP

Surface roughness: smooth

Minimum wall thickness: 0.3mm

Do not support post surface finishing

Suitable for fine precision work, function identify, proof of test prototypes

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Good toughness, high temperature resistance, durability, good stability, water tightness, biocompatibility, castability, etc.

Fully compliant with the ideal durability and stability in functional testing and rapid prototyping applications.

The printed parts can be post-processed by drilling, bonding, engraving, gold plating, etc. The supporting materials not only make the post-processing easy and safe, but also do not damage the fine craftsmanship of the parts.

A wide range of plastic visual and tactile sensations for prototyping and end-use applications.