PA2200 material consists of 100% pure PA12 nylon powder and is white.

With a wide range of applications, the performance balance. The powder is spherical, the particle size distribution is narrow, and the leveling property is good.

Suitable for 3D printing technology: SLS selective laser sintering rapid prototyping.

High precision, multiple post-treatments, in accordance with EN ISO 10993-1 and USP/level VI/121 °C biocompatibility, in accordance with EU 2002/72/EC and food contact standards

Can be used for food purposes (except for high alcohol content)

Material ingredient

Made of 100% pure PA12 nylon powder, it appears white.

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High strength, high rigidity, good corrosion resistance, and long-term use of sintered parts.

Low update rate, high detailed resolution.

Nylon PA2200 Very good long-term stability.

Support high temperature dyeing and metal spraying.