Laser sintered parts are made from PA3200 GF with excellent material properties:

  • High stiffness: High mechanical wear resistance
  • Good thermal load capacity
  • Excellent surface quality: High dimensional accuracy and detail resolution
  • Good processability
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3D printing technical parameters:

  1. One-time molding print size: 700x380x580mm;
  2. Print layer thickness: 0.06mm~0. 18mm;
  3. Achievable accuracy: Soil 0.15 mm (accuracy is related to geometry. Depending on product size, printing and post-processing methods vary).
  4.  Post processing: high temperature dyeing, metal spraying, drilling;


PA3200 GF is a white, glass-filled polyamide 12 powder characterized by excellent combination with good elongation at break rigidity.

Excellent long-term invariant typical application PA3200 GF is used in the last part of the engine area of a car, for deep drawing dies or any other application that requires specific stiffness, high heat distortion temperature and low wear.