PA66 has the most comprehensive properties including mechanical strength, stiffness, toughness, mechanical shock absorption and wear resistance. Widely used in the manufacture of mechanical, automotive, chemical and electrical components such as gears, rollers, pulleys, rollers, impellers in pump bodies, fan blades, high pressure seals, valve seats, gaskets, bushings, various handles , support frame, inner layer of wire package, etc.

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The chemical and physical properties of PA6 are similar to those of PA66. However, it has a low melting point and a wide process temperature range. It has better impact resistance and solubility resistance than PA66, but it is also more hygroscopic. Because many of the quality characteristics of plastic parts are affected by hygroscopicity, this should be taken into account when designing products using PA6. In order to improve the mechanical properties of PA6, various modifiers are often added. Glass is the most common additive, and sometimes synthetic rubbers such as EPDM and SBR are added to improve impact resistance.