PC FDM 3D printing service

FDM 3D printing technical parameters

  1. One-shot maximum print size: 406x355x406mm;
  2. Print layer thickness: 0.127mm. 0.178mm. 0.254mm. 0.330mm;
  3. Accuracy that can be achieved:   The accuracy of the production parts is 0.127 mm (0.005 in.) or 0.0015 mm/mm (0.0015 inch? whichever is higher. Accuracy is related to geometry. The achievable accuracy specifications come from statistical data, and measurements can be made. The reliability is 95%.
  4. Post-processing: can be polished, sprayed, electroplated, drilled;
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PC 3D printing material characteristics and application:

PC (polymer polycarbonate) 3D printing materials are widely used in automotive, aerospace, medical and many other fields. The precision, long-lasting and stable nature of PC materials allows products manufactured with them to withstand functional testing in real-world environments. Compared to ABS and other thermoplastics, PC also has outstanding mechanical properties, which makes it a highly demanding molding requirement, metal bending and compounding, and ideal for working tools and fixtures. Small batch production and customization become feasible and testing is more reliable.

There are also PC-ABS high impact strength engineering thermoplastics and PC-ISO materials. PC-ISO materials are the most intensive and heat resistant biocompatible materials available in FDM 3D printing technology. ETO is sterilized and meets ISO 10993 and US Pharmacopoeia Plastics Class VI standards. Available with soluble support material – it allows you to eliminate

Manually remove the support and easily create complex parts with deep internal cavities.


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