HITIONS partner with pineapple manufacturing platform, focusing on pcb / pcba prototypes layout, smt patch processing, stencil making and other manufacturing services, has an efficient production team for more than ten years and provides professional pcb solutions for enterprises. 

  1. Simple board, mid-to-high-end board can be made, no need to manage multiple suppliers.

2. Proofing and batching can be done, and the process is uniform.

3. FPC board, HDI board, ceramic substrate, and rigid-flex board can be made.

4. Use LDI process to waive film fees!

Double layers plate FPC soft plate Multi plate layers
Double layers plate; FPC soft plate; Multi plate layers
Flexible and rigid board; HDI board; aluminum substrate
Flexible and rigid board; HDI board; aluminum substrate

Following are our PCB sample prototyping ability:

Layers1-14layersNumber of layers, refers to the number of layers of the design file, usually produce 1-6 layers of through-hole plates
InkSun seriesWhite oil: Sun 2000 series, green oil: Sun 07 series
Plate typeCEM-1/FR-4/Aluminum plateCEM-1 plate(JIANTAO-KB5150)FR-4 plate(SHENGYI-S1141)Aluminum plate (GUOJI-GL11)
Max size650x520mm/640x480mmMax single-sided size为650x520mm, Max size of four or six layers is 640x480mm
Dimensional accuracy±0.15mmCNC outline tolerance ± 0.15mm, V-cut board outline tolerance ± 1.5mm
Plate thickness0.4–2.0mmCommon thickness 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0 mm
Plate thickness tolerance ( t≥1.0mm)± 10%Attention:Due to production process reasons (sinking copper, solder mask, pad spraying will increase board thickness), generally the tolerance is positive.
Plate thickness tolerance( t<1.0mm)±0.1mmAttention:Due to production process reasons (sinking copper, solder mask, pad spraying will increase board thickness), generally the tolerance is negative.
Minimum line width4mil(0.1mm)Minimum line width maybe larger than 4mil
Minimum clearance4mil(0.1mm)Minimum clearance maybe larger than 4mil
Outer layer copper thickness35um/70um(1 OZ/2 OZ)Refers to the thickness of the copper foil on the outer layer of the finished circuit board,1 OZ=35um,2 OZ=70um
Inner layer copper thickness35umInner layers all made from 1 OZ
Drilling hole diameter (machine drill)0.25–6.3mm0.25mm is the minimum hole diameter for drilling and 6.3mm is the maximum hole diameter for drilling.
Via single-sided welding ring≥0.153mm(6mil)If the single-sided welding ring of the conductive hole or the plug-in hole is too small, but there is enough space there, the size of the single side of the welding ring is not limited; if there is not enough space there and there are dense traces, the smallest single side Welding ring must not be less than 0.153mm
Finished hole diameter (machine drill)0.25–6.5mmBecause the inner wall of the hole is metal copper, the hole diameter of the finished hole is generally smaller than the hole diameter
Hole tolerance (machine drill)±0.075mmThe tolerance of drilling is ± 0.075mm. For example, if the hole is designed as 0.6mm, the finished hole diameter of the physical board is acceptable in the range of 0.525–0.675mm.
Solder mask typePhotosensitive inkPhotosensitive ink is the most used type now, thermosetting oil is generally used in low-grade single-sided cardboard
Minimum character width≥0.15mmThe minimum width of characters, if it is less than 0.15mm, the physical board may cause the characters to be unclear due to design reasons
Minimum character height≥0.8mmThe minimum height of the characters, if it is less than 0.8mm, the physical board may cause the characters to be unclear due to design reasons
Character aspect ratio1:5The most suitable aspect ratio is more conducive to production
Trace and outline spacing≥0.3mm(12mil)Gong board shipment, the distance between the line layer and the board outline is not less than 0.3mm; V-cut puzzle board shipment, the distance from the V-cut center line must not be less than 0.4mm
Imposition: no gap imposition gap0The gap between the middle plate and the plate is 0
Imposition: with gaps1.6mmThe gap of the gap imposition should not be less than 1.6mm, otherwise it will be more difficult when gong edge.
Pads manufacturers copper laying methodHatch way copperAttention: The manufacturer uses copper reduction.
Picture slot in Pads softwareUse the Drill Drawing layerIf there are many non-metallized grooves on the board, please draw on the Drill Drawing layer
Window layer in Protel / dxp softwareSolder layerA few engineers mistakenly put in the paste layer, and do not deal with the paste layer.
Protel/dxp outer layersKeep-out layer or mechanical-layerPlease note: Only one shape layer is allowed in a file, and two shape layers are not allowed to exist at the same time. Please delete unused shape layers, that is, you can only choose one of Keepout layer or mechanical layer when drawing the shape
Half hole processMinimum half-hole diameter 1.0mmThe half-hole process is a special process, and the minimum hole diameter must not be less than 1.0mm
Solder mask0.1mmPlease not in advance if there is a solder bridge requirement, as cost for solder bridge will increase.