surface coloring

Four Common post-processing processes for 3D printing

The working principle of 3D printing is through layer-by-layer overlay molding, then there will be a step effect in layered manufacturing. Although each layer is very thin, but under the micro size, there will still be multi-level steps with a certain thickness. 3Dprinting surface quality is related to the printing materials, machine accuracy, printing speed, temperature, 3D […]

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TOP 8 common surface finishing option

Surface treatment refers to the physical or chemical method of forming a layer on the surface of material with certain or multiple special properties .Surface treatment can improve the product appearance, texture, function and other aspects of performance. ◑ appearance: color, pattern, logo, luster/line (3 d and 2 d) ◑ texture: feel, roughness, life time(quality), streamlined, […]

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